At this time we can only accept investments from accredited investors.

If you are an accredited investor and want to be part of what we are doing we need to have you fill out the Accredited Investor Form that you can download by clicking on the adobe acrobat logo below.

Once you have filled it out, send it to: and we will send you much more information including our business plan for your consideration. Note you can click the Contact Us link (at the bottom of this page) to open your mail tool with the right address to us. Note: use adobe acrobat reader to fill out and sign the form. You can download a free copy at

Perseverance Endeavors
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We are raising $3.4 Million

Our prototype restaurant will be located on the north side of Denver (we have a location already chosen). It is expected that this restaurant will generate $5.1 Million in revenue in year one rising to $8.3 Million in year 5. Our Gross Margin will be 58% and we have a positive EBITDA starting in year 1, rising rapidly to 32%. We will be cash flow positive after one month of operations.