Currently Inked – Lent

The Conid Slimline – Pilot Blue – And that is all.


If you are not familiar with the concept of Lent, simply put:

Lent is a time “to take a long, honest look at our lives, to speak humbly to our loving God and turn back to him.  Each one of us has different weaknesses and troubles that the Lord longs to heal. Take a moment to reflect on this waywardness of outs and God’s loving desire for our return.” [Quote transcribed from Pray as you go podcast from ash Wednesday of 2016 (maybe even 2015)].

This reflection is often paired with the practice of stopping something or starting something, either temporary or, in some cases permanent – as a lifestyle change.  This year during lent I will be “giving up” all but one fountain pen.  I will supplement it with some Pentel Energels, with whatever happens to be given to me by the bank or waiter or in the workroom pen cup.  Meaning, part of what I am giving up is the time investment into the hobby.  By simply using one pen, and one ink, I do not anticipate spending time flushing, filling or swapping inks.

The Conid slimline is a great pen, and I have made it even better by fitting it with a Pilot #5 F nib.


I will definitely enjoy returning to regular rotation use of my small collection come Easter, but for now, for this season, I am happily giving that up.



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